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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good thing I'm taking blood pressure pills

Phwew!! Had two scares in the last 24 hours. First was yesterday when I innocently went to the mail box and found a letter from the Governor of Alaska!! Yes, Ms. Palin. Turns out it was only a form letter asking me to travel to Alaska. But it was a bit frightening. I do NOT want to be on her mailing list. You betcha!! (sorry Nikki and Maria.....).

Then this morning I was merrily drying my hair in the bathroom. I had started a small list of things I need from the store (Oil of Old Age, Visine, Blush, etc) and I put the list and pen on the little counter next to the sink in case I discovered something else I was perilously close to being out of. Suddenly the hair dryer blew the little tablet to the ground and I bent down to pick it up. There, on the back of the pad, was a note from my last husband (he-who-shall-not-be-named) with the name and phone number of one of the doctors at Stanford! He was helping her with something and I always thought she was making a move on him. Just my luck he didn't take the bait. Seeing his handwriting sent a shiver down my spine - and not a good one!

So, both items are now food for the shredder. And, frankly, that's all the anxiety I need for now, thank you very much.


It's Me said...

OMG Sandi! I got a THE SAME LETTER FROM PALIN!!! Does yours have that little picture of her face on the letter? LOL!! Both my hub and son visited Alaska last year and I end up getting invited by Palin!

As for the seeing the exe's little note......too creepy!!

ba and the boys said...

i feel left out that the letter isnt in my mailbox! and i voted for her (sorry sandi).
i have actually found a letter from my late nana (i loved her, she practally raised me) not that long ago and it took days for me to recover. something as simple as handwriting can really mess with you, cant it?
enjoy your holiday!

Desert Diva said...

It sounds like you weren't having a very good day - I'm sure it got better!