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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just a little grossed out!

Ed and I are at the office today getting a few things caught up after being on vacation. Suddenly I hear Ed give a little yelp! Then he says, "Holy crap" (or something like that. And here is why.

Apparently it's been awhile since anyone took a cup from that pile! He found these AFTER he drank the water! Being the sympathetic wife that I am I said, "Dang, hope there weren't 3 spiders intiially!" His comment, "I see a blog coming."

You got it.


Anonymous said...

haha..GAG! GAG!!
Hey Sandi..I have a recipe for wine biscuits. Send an email if you think you might be interested, ok? Thanks for keeping me company as I recover :) I appreciate you stopping by the blog.

Desert Diva said...

Poor Ed - he must be the "magnet of the universe." But hey, it makes for good blogging fodder. If you took the photo for your blog header, it's OUTSTANDING!

Jenni said...

How did he not see those when he was drinking water???!!! Water's CLEAR for goodness sakes!

Poor Ed.

MMrussianadoption said...

too funny