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Saturday, December 6, 2008

One BIG highlight from the NYC Trip

We just returned last night from a 5-day trip to New York City to see it "done up" for the holidays. It was a totally great trip and I'll write more about it later, but I wanted to mention one special highlight. I got a chance to meet my blog pal, Maria, and her hubby for lunch! When she found out I was heading to NYC (via Facebook) she told me that she was only a couple of hours away and that the two of them had been wanting to visit New York - so what better time.

And it was such fun. There's always a little nervousness meeting someone in person that you've only known through the ethernet. But after a few minutes we were all comfortable and yakking away. Of course, Maria and I recognized each other right away and gave each other a big hug, squealing a bit as we did so. Like a couple of teenagers. The husbands just looked on not quite knowing what to do. Poor dears.

Lunch was really good Thai food, and lots of laughing and talking. We talked about our daughters, our blog friends, Maria's novel. The men talked about guy things like their military careers. In her blog, Maria noted that I was "tiny". I think she meant short - tiny I'm not!! Of course, to me she was the one who was the normal height.

At the end of the lunch date there were hugs all around and talk about them visiting us in California. That would be totally cool! It's too bad that we live so far apart that it may be quite awhile before the chance to meet again comes up. But we still have our blogs, Facebook, and e-mail.


namaste said...

i am so glad you and ed inspired us to take a trip to nyc. oh what fun we had! because of you we will be taking trips to nyc for the occasional six hour date more often.

LOL! the fellas were kind of awkward at first. i hope we get to the west coast soon. i love that we are all laughers. makes getting together a crack up!

Anonymous said...

I love to see posts of blogger friends meeting! It must have been so much fun :)

Nikki said...

OH YOU GUYS!! I am so jealous, but in a good way! I am so happy that you got to meet. It makes this blogging thing so worth it. To be able to connect with people we wouldn't normally be able to makes it so great! THAT IS SO AWESOME! :)N

Desert Diva said...

Don't you love how the Internet opens avenues for wonderful interactions? I'm glad you all had a great time!

MMrussianadoption said...

Hey, I am like 25 minutes from NYC. Why did you not tell me you were coming. I could have joined you. Hope you had a nice time though

Fleur de Lisa said...

Your new header photo is GORGEOUS!

It sounds like you had such a special time in NYC. I'm so happy for you. :)

Isn't it fun to meet blogger friends for real? I've had fun doing it too.

Chris said...

OK, so I won't tell you that I'm jealous, because maybe I am. Maybe. I could have met you and Ed when you were here. There was something about cell phone numbers and where would I meeet you and yada yada. Promise me next time. OK?
Seriously, glad you guys met and had a great time. Did I mention the jealousy thing? Heh

Drowsey Monkey said...

That is so cool! So glad you got to meet. I haven't been to her blog in a while...why is that? I'll have to go visit now.

Luz said...

Meeting others in person from the internet/blogging has been such a welcomed surprise for me and glad to hear about other such meet ups. I met some fellow bloggers two years ago when I went to Seattle and we had such a blast. Getting ready to do the same things when I head up to NM. Someone asked are you nervous and my reply was "absolutely not". On the contrary, very much looking forward to having a good time. Both photos are wonderful!