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Friday, December 12, 2008

My other girls

When I married Joe and Jenni's father back in 1969, he already had three daughters from a previous marriage. We didn't get to spend much time with the girls, and I really didn't get to know them too well in those early years. However, when my kids were 6 and we were living back in Tucson after a detour to Denver, my three stepdaughters (Kelly, Lori Jo, and Traci) - along with their younger half-sister, Angie - entered into my life and what a gift that was. They were all in their early teens and my brother was also in that age group. It was so great for Jenni and Joe to get to know their half-sisters better and they added such fun and joy to our lives. Their visits became so regular that I would keep some of their favorite snacks around - Oreos and orange soda come to mind.

Traci is in the white pants, Kelly next to her - the goof in the blue dress is me - next to me is the father of the brood, Joe Sr. Lori Jo is in the tan pants, and one of their friends standing behind her. My mom and brother are in the middle. The heads that are cut off (have no idea who took this photo!) are my son Joe, Angie, and Jenni.

There are a lot of special memories:

  • All of them joining my mom and me to watch the kid's first school Christmas show when Jenni played Rudolph
  • Everyone climbing into my car and driving around looking at the Christmas lights after a stop at McDonalds
  • Kelly coming to my house after her senior prom to tell me all about it - she had also come over before the prom so we could take photos
  • My brother's major crush on Lori Jo
  • Traci's infectious laugh
  • Eating tacos sitting around a tablecloth on the living room floor (this was some sort of weird tradition that we had)
  • Playing board games with the girls and their friends
  • How much my mom enjoyed having them around

Now all three of them are married with children of their own - some of whom have already graduated high school! I don't see or talk to them as much as I would like. However I recently made contact again with all of them and that makes me very happy. Ed and I plan to visit Tucson in May and it will hopefully include time with the girls. And, when we get a second home there in a few years, my hope is that we can spend even more time with them and their kids and their grandkids!

So, here's to my other girls - Kelly, Lori-Jo, and Traci. We love you and are so glad that you have stayed in our lives.


namaste said...

that's beautiful that you have sustained such a bond with your other daughters. all of your lives are so much richer for it. and you are loving example to your children as well. a lovely tribute.

btw, your mom looks like glam girl. :)

Anonymous said...

A beautiful family, Sandi! btw, I love your header :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

What a great story and beautiful memories :)

Orange soda was popular back then I think,I seem to remember that too, lol!

Anonymous said...

Sandi, I didn't know that part of your life either. I don't know hardly anything about you. I hope you do get to see these girls soon. How fun for even your two. Life has happy and exciting things going on. I can't wait till you can hold your son's new one. I just love tiny one's. Another two to follow or who ever comes first.
How EXCITING. I wanted to write a few things to you while they pop in my head while there are still some brain cells left. I shopped for some shoes yesterday at a hugh shoe place going out of business. WHAT'S NEW?) I thought about grandma and shopping for her shoes at special stores because her size was like a kids 3. I still remember what they looked like. Also at Christmas she would grow wheat from seed to put around the creche. I found a recipe for wine cookies, that turned out great. About the size of quaters. Her's were way to large. Well Babushka Sandi, your grandkids well be out of school for Christmas and you can visit and if I don't hear from you please have a Merry one to you and yours. Cookie and Frank

Jenni said...

I miss those fun times with our sisters too. I wish we all could have stayed in better contact after moving to California.

Namaste - Yes, my Grandma was a major Glam Girl!

MMrussianadoption said...

wow you can tell that pic was taken in the 70's. what a great flashback. hopefully you will become close again.