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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The day I put my mascara on too early.

What an amazing day! Inauguration Day is always powerful - the whole celebratory transition of power, freely elected leaders - all the things that make America great.

But for many of us this day held a special power. There are many diverse political views among my blog friends so today has different meaning (or no meaning) to each of them. And that, too, is what makes America great. For me, this is a very special, hopeful day. I cried.

It's moving to see all the former Presidents and Vice Presidents. In the end, we're all in this together regardless of politics.

Aside from the politics, what was up with Aretha Franklin's hat? And I didn't understand much of the poem read at the end. If any of you know what she was saying, please interpret! But I love Yo-Yo Ma. How can you not love a guy with a name like that. Actually, he reminded me a bit of Hiro from Heroes.

And poor John Roberts - his big day to swear in the new President and he blows it! I'm sure the level of nervousness was extremely high, but it was a bit of a gasping moment.

There is something a little sad about the whole putting the now-former president on the helicopter and whisking him away. Like when someone is fired from their job and security escorts them to the door. I mean, can't he hang around for lunch or something? I know it's part of the ceremonial transition, but it always feels a little uncomfortable.

So, now it's over. Time to get dressed and head in to the office for a couple of hours. And continue waiting by the phone for news of my new grandson's arrival!


Catheroo said...

Yeah, I should have waited to put on makeup too!

So, if your grandson comes today, will his middle name be Obama? I think it should. Tell Joe I said to do that. :-)

namaste said...

wow missy. you sure know how to give a tantalizing report. now i have to good the ceremony to check out aretha's hat and j. roberts flub. nniiicccee.


Jenni said...

John Roberts' verbal stumble was cringe-inducing. Most of my students thought it was Obama who made the mistake - they didn't realize he was actually trying to give Roberts time to correct his error. Oops! It was an amazing event to witness though, and it was fun having the whole school watch together.

Patty said...

I thought the entire thing was awesome. I was overwhelmed by the size of the crowd and really glad I wasn't having to wait in line for one of those porta potty's. I keep hearing they had one for every Six thousand people! Can you imagine..I know I would pee myself before I got to the front of the line.
I loved the hat.. She should have had it done in green and red.It reminded me of a big huge Christmas bow...
As for the swearing in, I laughed like crazy. It was a wonderful moment that made something so serious completly simple and down to earth.
Oh and the poem...uhhhh I understood perfectly...IT SUCKED lol.

Anonymous said...

You're so funny. I didn't even notice the hat.

Anonymous said...

..and it's macaroni. Right?! LOL

carmella anderson said...

Sandi, you are something else. Yes the whole thing was great and soooo
different. I felt the same way about Bush. I felt like as the others are waving they were saying (Good Riddins)ms. I liked my past president. Hopefully I'll like this one also. He has promised us so very much.I can't wait.