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Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's the little things

I have a bluetooth thingy for my cell phone. Had the same one for a couple of years. The other day I charged it up, but it stopped working. Charged it again but still not nothing. I tried to "refresh" it on my cell, but kept getting an error message that the device couldn't be found. So I assumed it was just old and tired and done. Can't talk on the phone while driving without a headset so I really needed to get a new one.

Found an updated version of the one I have at Best Buy and bought it. Took it home, charged it up for two hours, and proceeded to pair it with my cell phone. Nada. Got that same message about not finding the device. Finally I decided to "reboot" the phone by removing the battery for a second or two and replacing it. The phone booted up, I tried the headset pairing again, and this time it worked! Of course, then I thought - what if the old headset wasn't malfunctioning after all?!? So I tried to pair it with the cell phone and - viola! - it worked! Dang it. Now I'm out $90 for a new headset. I told Ed my dilemma and he said, "Yeah, I thought that might be the problem." Cool, thanks for telling me.....

Today I repackaged the new headset to take it back to the store. Ed had wisely told me to open the package with care just in case I needed to return it - and I wisely followed his advice. So, I put the repackaged headset in the Best Buy bag and put it in my car. I was heading to Jenni's house to help them with a few things and wanted to call her to let her know I was on my way. I had my working-again old headset on. The phone rang, she picked it up and said Hello and - nothing. Couldn't hear anything out of the headset! Damn it!! I heard Jenni faintly saying "Hello?? Mom??" Not knowing where her voice was coming from, I yelled into the car, "just a minute - I'm pulling over. Don't hang up. Almost there!!" . I stopped and picked up the phone itself to talk to her and all I could hear was this faint "Hello?? Mom??" I yelled (nowhere in particular) "I'll call you right back." Took the headset out of my ear, dialed her number and listened using the phone. She answered and, once again, her voice was very faint and distant. WTF???? I kept saying "Jenni??" She kept saying, "Mom??"

Finally I realized that her voice was coming from the Best Buy bag on the front seat! Apparently the new headset had taken control and was working even though it was (I thought) shut off and re-packaged. So I picked up the bag and yelled into it, "I'm on my way to your house." Heard a very faint, "What? You're on your way here?" "YES" I yelled with the bag pressed to my face. Then I just started laughing at the whole ridiculous situation. When I got to her house Jeff re-opened the package, turned off the headset the right way, and - problem solved.

This will definitely be added to the ever-growing list of stupid things I've done.


namaste said...

you made me laugh right out loud .... AGAIN!!

Anonymous said...

So funny!

carmella anderson said...

I went through some at@t things two weeks ago. Got new phones set them all up and now I hate this damn thing can't see the numbers to well, so I'm back to at@t to look for another that I do like. Goody I see a white one. YES A BIG WHITE ONE. I'm lovin it. The bluetooth is still in the box. It can stay there till it turns black.
Your daughter was in the bag the whole time. I'm so glad someone else can laugh at themselves. Isn't life great? Congratulations and new grandbaby....Oh' you are going to have lots of fun. God bless all.