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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's a Gift

So many of my blogging friends and family members have talent. Lisa, Cheryl, Cathy, my daughter Jenni and her husband Jeff - all of them take incredible photos, professional level to be sure. Jenni also is an artist and an excellent writer, and Jeff brews incredible beer.

Maria is a talented writer working on her first novel, Nikki knows more about politics than most people, and isn't shy about sharing!

My brother is a physician, my son is a musician, my daughter-in-law is an excellent singer. Everyone around me seems to have talent. Well, now it's my turn!

Last night, while cleaning up after dinner, I realized that I do have a special gift. I am able to look into a pan of leftover food and determine exactly the right size container to use for storing it! We had angel hair for dinner, there was some left over. Ed asked me which size dish to use to store it. I told him, he doubted (the fool) but used it anyway. And it was perfect. I gave him the "don't question my gift" look and he just sighed. Of course, there was that one time that the dish was a little too full and when he pushed the lid on it, various food products splashed out all over the counter and poor Ed. But it was just that one time! And I think he used a bit too much force on the lid.
So now I feel better. I do have talent!


namaste said...

sandi, you're a sweetheart! that's also a gift not bestowed on everyone. sweethearts are know to become awesome daughters, wonderful wives & mothers, and beautiful friends.

AND you're an excellent story-teller. AND you can nurture the beauty out of a flower like nobody's business! that little i know as your blog-friend. i am sure there's much more we readers know little about.

thanks for the praise!


Catheroo said...

Pardon me, but I think you are a talented writer and your photos are pretty darn good too. I so love your blog. LOVE it and the stories you tell.

And that quite is a good skill you have. I do not possess that one, thus my leftover containers are 60% air and 40% leftovers.

Desert Diva said...

You're too funny. Thanks for your kind words regarding me and photography.

Even though you obviously have a gift for the correct leftover container, you are a caring person to those around you (and those out in the blog-o-sphere). I couldn't imagine a more perfect "Babushka," or a better storyteller.

I'm glad we've "crossed paths!"

Anonymous said...

haha! I love your sense of humor :)

judypatooote said...

I must say Sandi that finding the right size dish is a talent, for I never get the right one the first time around....i always pick the one that looks right, but it never all fits in, so I transfer it to another one.....which is too big...LOL.....It's been awhile since my last visit...sorry, this is the longest winter that I can remember....you would think I would take the time to read all my blogging friends posts, but I will go to one and read, and I've had enough....as entertaining as they are....I guess I need the smell of spring flowers, and NO SNOW....I have to giggle every time I see the title of your blog....I can picture a little old lady, whether she be Italian or German, but I picture her head wrapped in a babushka...my mom, my grandma, aunts and all in fact I even have a picture of me at about the age of 10 wrapped in a black wool babushka....and that was what we called them....and you do have a talented family.... catch ya later, judy

Luz said...

Wonderful talent/gift indeed! Love the pic too.

It's Me said...

tupperware talent!! you go girl!

MMrussianadoption said...

that is a talent. for me it is about a 50/50 crap shoot

Fleur de Lisa said...

I have no talent for tupperware whatsoever. But I'd say your real talent is story telling and making us all laugh!