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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

They're here!!

I just love my daffodils. More of them are blooming every day. Just thought I'd share.


namaste said...


meanwhile, we have snow on the ground. amazing!

Desert Diva said...

What a beautiful infusion to winter. They're just so "cheery!" I can see why you planted them!

Saj said...

Oh the jealousy oozing out of my ears right now! The best I can do is buy a bunch at the grocery store, which I will happily do! But to have green grass and blooming daffs right now would be so nice!
(I'm Catheroo's sister-in-law!)

Luz said...

So pretty and such vivid colors! Wow, need to add that to my growing list of plants for my backyard garden. Thanks for sharing.