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Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's not just my favorite planet

Unless you're living under a rock, it's clear that the economy sucks right now. Companies and banks going belly up. GM is one of those companies. Personally, if they weren't smart enough to manage their business, I don't care if they fold. However, their current plan is to stay afloat, but get rid of their Saturn division.

That makes me sad. For I am a Saturn owner and a Saturn lover - both the planet and the car. The planet is obvious - I mean, who couldn't love Saturn!

The car may be different. My daughter had one and hated it. But from the first day I drove Gloria off the lot, I was in love. Gloria was my first Saturn, a 1994 model. I had to buy another car when my Chevy Astro Van bit the dust. I drove for three years without any dashboard lights, the arm rest was on the floor in the back of the car, the rear view mirror would periodically fall off in my hand, the side had a large gouge where a self-service car wash did a can opener impersonation, the radio had more static than sound, the windshield wipers would do their thing when I turned on the turn signal. One day the fan went out so I no longer had air conditioning or heat. I took it to the mechanic and he placed his hand on my shoulder and said, "Sandi, give it up! You need another car!"

I hated to get rid of my van because it had a rich history with me and my kids from Tucson to California. But it was waaayyy past it's prime so I had to let go. And I decided to get a regular car with a trunk this time, no more vans. So I headed to the Saturn lot because I like the planet and it seemed like a good idea. There was Gloria. In all her splenor. Four door, twin cams (whatever that is), sunroof, and a rich plum color. I cleaned out the van (sobbing as I did so!) and drove Gloria home.

We took many trips together and she guided me back and forth to work for 8 years. Oh, there were a few mishaps like when the alternator went out and I was stuck with a friend in the parking lot of a movie theater. Or when the little security thingy on my keychain malfunctioned (actually it may have been user error) and Ed had to break into the battery case to get a new battery which didn't work until we finally figured out that the old battery was fine it was just the dang security thingy!

But, in 2005 we decided it was time for me to get a new car that would last for several years. I gave Gloria to my brother-in-law so she now lives in Yosemite - and seems quite happy there. Back to the Saturn dealership I went and this time I found Lola. She's a shiny Chili Pepper Red Saturn Vue with running boards, leather seats, remote entry system, sunroof, and loads of personality. I love her! And I always knew that when her time was over, I would head out and get another Saturn.

Alas, now that probably won't happen. Damn GM.


namaste said...

sandi, both your saturn girls look very nice. i have always loved saturn vehicles from afar. never bought one cuz i was already in a committed relationship with the geo prisms. but i've loved saturn for their marketing and customer service. you have good taste, my friend.

Jenni said...

Since my Saturn was a complete lemon, I'm not terribly sad to see them go. But I do feel bad for you since I know you were planning on buying another. Guess it's time to look into a Honda!

carmella anderson said...

Sandi,,Frank purchased a Saturn six months ago so he could tow it
easily behind the RV. Came tow ready, the new tires we just bought were $$$.Its an L300 2003. we didn't want lots of bells/ whistles but, it came w/sun roof & leather. we just wanted to tow.That is so funny you own one too. Now I guess the company is going bye,bye.

Fleur de Lisa said...

Funny, my ex had a VUE and it had nothing but continuous problems. I am a tried and true Honda owner myself for the last 10 plus years. If they go away I'm going to have a serious issue.

Luz said...

I too am sad to hear about Saturn. My dad has one on occasion I drive the car and love the feel and the she handles. Yes, the economy downright STINKS and you're right, I sure hate to bail the fools out when they were so careless to begin with. Personally, I drive a Santa Fe Hyundai and love the car! Mine is a 2004 and recently an article came out as one of the top ten used cars to buy. BUT, not plannign on selling mine anytime soon.