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Monday, March 9, 2009


My brother lives in Chicago and last week was in San Francisco for a conference. So Ed and I picked him up Friday night and brought him to our house for dinner and a "sleep over", and both my kids and their families were able to join us. My happiest times are when my two kids and my brother are all in the same room together. We talk (mostly fast and over each other - we're Italian!), laugh a LOT, eat a lot, and it feels so right.

Last Friday was no exception. However, this visit had the extra benefit that my brother got to meet Tyson, our newest grandson and my son's first child. Tony has four kids of his own, the youngest a boy born two weeks before Tyson (did I mention he is my MUCH younger brother). So he is quite adept at handling babies. Plus he's a pediatric dermatologist so spends 90% of his life in kid world.

Tyson seemed to like Tony right away.

They tried to make the same face, but apparently there was a mis-communication - Tony was thinking "laugh" and Tyson was thinking "cry". But it's still an amazing look-alike, don't you think?

Tyson loves his big brother who is quite tall and has a nice chest for relaxing.

And, of course, he slept comfortably on Tony's shoulder. I think he could smell the other kids and felt safe!

It was a great visit. Much too short, but one of the advantages of living close to San Francisco is that Tony comes here almost every year for a conference and we get a brief, but very enjoyable, visit.


namaste said...

i LOVE tony and i love the great pics, sandi. especially the one where he and tyson had a miscommunication, yet still managed the same face. haha!

i love when you post these stories about your sweet family. ugh! they're the best! (i mean the posts *giggle*)

Loving Annie said...

Glad you had such a great visit, Sandi.

The picture of Tyson crying and Tony grinning is a classic !

Chris said...

Talking Sticks work very well for "talkative" families...believe me! Ha Ha
Great pix of Tony and Tyson crying or whatever. ;)

Jenni said...

Just wondering, why is my head gray in the first photo? What happened?!

I love that picture of Tony and Tyson with their mouths open. Classic!

Jenni said...

Ahh.... thanks for fixing that. I'm back among the living!

Fleur de Lisa said...

The laugh/cry picture is a classic. It made my day. :)

ba and the boys said...

tony...too badhe couldnt have a more italian name!
i love family and food get togethers! it makes life good.

Luz said...

Love the photo with baby crying and the other laughing. Priceless!