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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


In Tucson we had one week of spring. The orange blossoms were in full bloom and many of the cactus in the area have lovely flowers on them. Then that's it. Spring all gone and dry summer ahead for several months.

During my first year in Northern California I was amazed by the different plants that bloom from January through the end of summer. And I plant flowers or blooming plants in our yard every chance I get.

Here are a couple of favorites that are blooming right now. Ed's grandmother had lilies in her yard so he wanted to plant some at home. These guys come up every year and always amaze us with their bright colors. It took a while this past week to find a sunny time during the day to take a photo!

I love hydrangeas and this is from a plant that my daughter, Jenni, gave me a few years back. It started out as a 5" pot and is now almost 5 feet tall! This particular flower now resides in a vase on our dining room table along with a couple of her brothers and sisters.
And the final photo is an arrangement that one of Ed's agents made for me because I was sick. ALL these flowers came from her yard! Amazing. Both her talent at arranging the flowers and the fact that she grows so many beautiful things in your garden. She said that some of these are actually leaves from lettuce that is going to seed. Now that's creativity.

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ba and the boys said...

beautiful flowers-esp the one that was a sick gift! lucky you. sorta.
get better soon!