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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ed !!!

Today is Ed's birthday!! Oh, yeah, and it's Flag Day. But let's stick to Ed, mkay? He started out way back in the 40's in Hayward, California. Here is the obligatory photo of child on car that everyone of us born in the 40's and early 50's have. He's with his grandmother.

Ed was a shy, quiet kid, but he sure knew how to party.

Then came those young adult years when he did two tours of duty in Vietnam. Luckily he came away unhurt. These were also his studly days.

Ed and I met ten years ago this coming October and have been married for almost 7 years.

How fortunate I am - after kissing many frogs and even marrying a couple of them - to have found him. We share the same values, the same love of family, the same love of traveling. My life has been so much fuller since that fateful day in 1999 when we first met for coffee after meeting on Match.Com. He's a great husband, a wonderful father and stepfather, and a terrific grandfather.

Here's to having another 20 years together to enjoy each other, our every-growing families, and the world.

I love you, Ed!!


Chris said...

Happy Birthday to Ed. Hoping you guys have an awesome day!!

It's Me said...

oHHHHHHHHHH....Ed is one hell of a great guy, Sandi!!!! Happy B-Day, ED!

namaste said...


having sat across from you and sandi in a nyc restaurant, i am extra happy to send you birthday greetings from the east coast to the west. you are one of the sweetest men i've ever met. sandi is a lucky girl to have found you. you two are a great couple!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ED! enjoy your day!



Desert Diva said...

Happy Birthday Ed! You guys make such a wonderful couple - love the photo tour back in time!

Nikki said...

WOW!! I had no idea you two cuties met on match.com! I would love to hear that story! Ed seems like a great guy! You can tell by how happy you are with him, Sandi. Happy Birthday to Ed! I hope you got to spend some time in your birthday suit...wink wink! :)N

Fleur de Lisa said...

You two are the nicest couple! Happy birthday to Ed!