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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Write this one off

One of the things I'm famous for is my coughing. When I get a cough, everyone around me suffers as much as I do. Back in the late 80's I had a cough that lasted for 8 months and even caused a small hernia! Not THAT's a cough!

This week wasn't quite that bad, but bad enough. Had to miss a visit from my 4-month old grandson on Sunday. Had to miss a couple of meetings this week that I was actually looking forward to. Had to sleep on the couch sitting up because laying down with this crap is a definite no-no.

Finally called the doctor yesterday, but, before putting the call through to an actual person, there was a message for people calling about a cough or cold. Basically it described all my symptoms, gave me some tips for dealing with it, and in a polite way discouraged me from trying to get an appointment. Apparently I'm not alone with this malady.

Sent Ed to the drug store to find some strong cough syrup with an expectorant and some cough/cold pills also with expectorant. He asked the pharmacist and she showed him the cough syrup to get. Then he also asked for the pills and she said No! Because I wasn't supposed to take both meds at the same time, she refused to show him where the pills were. And, since Ed isn't cursed by sinus, allergies, and coughs, he has no clue where to look or what to buy. He tried asking nicely but to no avail. She wouldn't tell him. So yesterday I tried to go to the store to see if I could find a different cough medicine or the pills. But almost as soon as I got to the Cough/Cold aisle, I started having a coughing attack so I swirled around and headed out of the store as fast as I could before they called 911. Yes, it can sound that bad.

Today I'm finally feeling a bit better. Which is good because I am SO done with this. Two bright spots, though. I managed to finish two books. And, in cruising through daytime tv (which is amazingly crappy) I found a Golden Girls episode that had a small bit part played by a 20-year old George Clooney! What a hoot.

Other than that, the week has pretty much sucked.


namaste said...

oh my heart goes out to you on such a bad cough. glad you're feeling better.

i totally agree with you about daytime t.v. it's terrible!

ba and the boys said...

at least you got some reading done. im sorry for your pain...i hate coughing.
get well soon so you can see that cute baby!

judypatooote said...

If you could find some Unkers... it is a medicated salve...they don't have it everywhere, but you can order on line...and trust me it is good....I know this sound rediculous, but it tells you when you get a cough to rub it on the bottom of your feet, it the middle of foot, and honest to God it works...in fact I started to cough last night when I layed down, so I rubbed it on bottom of my feet and I stopped coughing...I haven't had a migrain either since I rub it on my forehead...I haven't been without Unkers in probably 14 years...I should be a saleslady for the stuff...but my kids even haul it out when they get a headache...honestly...if you get coughs regularly you might want to try it...sorry sandy for rattling on so, and I do hope you can get rid of the cough... judy

Anonymous said...

Sandi, I usually can stop a cough by spraying the nose with Flonas or saline stuff. Yes it sounds weird but, it seems to be post nasel drip. SOUNDS GOOD HAH??
we celebrated 43yr anniversary 4th.
were you at our wedding? Cookie

Nikki said...

Coughing does suck...and when it starts to get better it gets gross. I hate it when the cough becomes "productive" it just means its full of phlegm, ew. I am sorry your week sucked...at least you got some good drugs ;)N

It's Me said...

ouch....i can really feel that cough! sandi, what causes a cough like that?

Loving Annie said...

Having experienced similar coughs for years - I finally went to a pulmonologist - and found out it was asthma !!! Put me on Symbicort, and the cough I'd had for 2 months was gone in two days.
Just a thought - might be worth it for you to get yourself checked out.

Sorry the rest of the week sucked.


Proud Italian Cook said...

Hi Sandi, You poor thing! Have you tried some natural remedies? Cough medicine never works with me. Hope you feel better soon.
Hugs, marie