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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Da? Nyet!!

We had a birthday party yesterday for Vika, my grandaughter.

It was at my son's house which has a pool.

Ed got in the pool with all the kids and was having a grand ole' time.

Until he dove a bit too low and scraped his forehead on the bottom of the pool.

Wound up with what looks like a rug burn on his forehead.

This morning the spot was a bit redder I realized he looks like Mikhail Gorbachev! So I called him Gorby. He didn't laugh.


carmella anderson said...

Next time BE AWARE you might not be
so lucky'''OUCH. HOPE HE IS OK.

Desert Diva said...
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Desert Diva said...

Poor Ed - he's such fodder for your blog! ;-) I hope he's OK and doing well. Somehow I'll bet there is Neosporin involved...

The first post was deleted because I apparently can't spell!

Jenni said...

Desert Diva - you are absolutely correct! I found out Ed had been injured when I heard him in the house, asking my sister-in-law for Neosporin.