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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting framed

I'm a Disneyland junkie. First visit was in the mid-fifties - the year after the park opened. And, except for the three years I lived in Denver, I've been back at least every other year since I was 10! I managed to give my daughter this affliction and she is masterfully passing it on to her children. My son seemed to have an immunity because while he likes D-Land, he doesn't LOVE it like Jenni and I do. Nor does my husband. I mean, come on, it's the happiest place on Earth!

My favorite part is Main Street. It's a rule of mine that each time I visit Disneyland, my first entrance must be via Main Street. Not the monorail. Main Street. One time Ed suggested we enter through Tomorrowland. Once and only once did he suggest that.

Since Vika and Eamon came into our lives in 2005, Jenni has given me the same gift each Mother's Day. A photo calendar of the kids. I treasure these and keep them all. This year for the month of June there were four photos of the Jenni, Jeff and the kids at Disneyland (or maybe it was Disney World - not sure). One of the photos was Main Street. I loved that month! Almost hated to change it on July 1st. So, being the friend that my daughter is, she gave me a 5x7 of that photo for my birthday. And today I found a mat frame for it which are perfect. (Please ignore the rug in the background).

There, now. Doesn't that just put a smile on your face!


It's Me said...

Awesome idea how she got it matted and framed!

Saj said...

I love that picture! I'm also a Disney junkie, but a Disney World junkie. I live in Wisconsin, so it's a bit easier to get to Orlando than Anaheim.

But I got the thrill of a lifetime when I won a trip to Disneyland AND Disney World last month!

But I'm still jealous Jenni's going to Disney World next month!

(I'm Catheroo's sister-in-law!)

ba and the boys said...

that is such a great photo! she knows you oh so well!
we finally took our kids to d-land this past year (i had only been to d-world as a teen) and I GET IT! i think if i would have went as a small kid, i would have got it a long time ago. but there is magic in the air there!

Jenni said...

I'll see if I can get some other Main Street pictures for you this summer. Hopefully I'll get a nicer one without the tree blocking half the view! :)