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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Squint harder

So, today started out with a lot of laughing for me and Ed. Not sure if I can tell this story adequately. But, what the heck, I'm gonna try.

Last week Ed bought a new toy. It's a clock radio with several "soothing" sounds like rainfall, ocean waves, etc. The other thing it has is a light at the top which displays the time in blue numbers on the ceiling. I'm a clock-watcher so I love this. Plus, once I take my contacts out I can't see shit. When I get up 9 or 10 times during the night to go to the bathroom ( I know, TMI), I like to see what time it is and you can only squint so much at 3am. So having blue digital numbers on the ceiling just makes me smile!

This morning we woke up at 7:09 (actually it was only 6:55 - we set our clock 14 minutes fast but that's another story). Ed asked what time it was and I said, "7:09 - minus 14." He remembered the numbers on the ceiling and looked at them. Then this:

Ed: What does that IUJ mean?
Me: What IUJ - I don't see that.
Ed: It's right there under the time.
Me: [squinting] I don't see it.
Ed: What do you mean you don't see it! Geez, how bad ARE your eyes?
Me: Let me get my glasses [ I put them on, walked over to his side of the bed, stood directly under the blue digital numbers, saw nothing] Nope, still nothing.

Now Ed was looking all around the room, squinting, blinking. He said, "You really don't see that?" NO - I don't see it!!

By now the time had changed to 7:14 and the letters below had changed for Ed. Then the little lightbulb in his head went off. Digital numbers often have that little blank space at each corner. The way the numbers were lined up the first time he looked at it, he saw the time on the top, and the IUJ on the bottom. If you look really hard at the number below, you can see "71" on the top, and "11" or "II" on the bottom!!
So poor little Ed was seeing two rows of numbers each time the time changed! He was totally freaking out. Thought something was wrong with his eyes. Kept trying to see if his vision was affected when he looked at anything else (hence the head bobbing and twisting). I tried not to laugh, but not very hard.


Catheroo said...

OMG! I'm crying over here. And you know what? Matte doesn't get it. Maybe reading digital numbers is difficult for men?

Also, I want a clock with numbers on the ceiling.

Jenni said...

Too funny! Poor Ed.

Chris said...

OMgosh, that was funny. Poor Ed, more blogging fodder...hopefully he is used to it by now! ;)

It's Me said...

Oh hell no!!! That was wayyyyyyyy too funny! I U J!!! I want the name of this clock that shoots out the time on the ceiling.....

namaste said...


you guys are so much like ward and i, it's scary. we have one of those "soothing" alarm clocks. it was soothing the first 800 times the alarm sounded. after that the music haunted me all day long. i now rely on my cell phone vibrate alarm.

we set our clock 15 minutes fast.

i get up 8 or 9 times a night to use the bathroom.

birds of a feather?