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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Although September is my favorite month, July definitely has it's advantages. First there's the Fourth of July which is great when I can spend it with my kids and grandkids. Then there's my grandaughter, Vika's, birthday followed closely by my birthday! Also my best friend, one of my cousins, and a stepdaughter have birthdays this month.

And there's a good chance Ed's daughter will deliver her twins this month which will add to the party.

Also, there is this

This is the flower on trees in our back yard. Actually, there in the neighbors back yard, but along the fence so the branches hang over our yard. And I love it. These flowers are so sweet and fresh and the whole month of July the back yard smells wonderful. It's almost as good as my orange blossom days in Tucson.

Alas, Ed hates these trees and the flowers. First of all, the tree sheds leaves year round so he constantly has to use his leaf blower to clear out the back yard. Of course, he loves his leaf blower (it's such a manly piece of equipment) that I think he secretly likes the falling leaves. But he'll never admit that.

As for the flowers, after the first couple of weeks they start to shed. When a breeze comes by, it looks like it's snowing in the back yard. I find it all very zen-like and beautiful. Ed goes into a silent rage seeing his grill, the patio table, the patio, and everything else covered in a layer of small white petals. And if we sit out there, we end up with a little crown of white. Very festive, actually. For me, anyway - certainly not for Ed.

So, each year as the flowers start to develop, Ed mumbles something about pruning the portion of the trees that hang into our yard thereby cutting off most of the flowers. I mumble even louder that I will pummel him if he dares to cut off one branch until after the blooms are gone. I usually win. So now I think I'll get my book and head for the backyard. Ah, July.....


Jenni said...

Poor Eddo. He's fighting a losing battle.

It's Me said...

Our neighbors have a damn thorny bush-tree that hangs over our fence. We always get cut up when we go to retrieve our garden hose. My husband goes on rampages cutting back the bush. He ends up all bloodly from the damn thorns! I know what u mean!!!!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I'm laughing at the mental image of Ed and his battle. ;-)