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Monday, July 6, 2009

Fireworks, cobbler, and Tylenol

We had our family fireworks party on Saturday. Both of my kids were able to join us this year as well as Ed's son and his wife and two boys. So we had a full house, lots of kids, and lots of fun. Our city sells "safe" fireworks and the whole street gets into the action. This year our day started out with a visit to a park in Palo Alto where my daughter-in-law was performing. She's a singer with a local band (and a damn good one!). Eamon got out there and danced his little butt off. Then he borrowed a hula hoop from one of the hula-hoop dancers (yes, they hula-hooped to all the songs) and wowed us with his prowess. Here's a photo of my kids, Jenni's husband, and three grandkids. I wanted Ed to get closer to the group, but he was too cold to move - not a very warm day in old Palo Alto!

After the show, everyone came to our house, for a BBQ and fireworks. Jenni's kids and Marc's kids are all close to the same age and they have a ball together. Tyson was watching the group and just waiting for the day he could run around with them. Ed decided to get in the action and borrowed one of Eamon's many light sabers and did a couple of rounds with the boys. At one point the kids ran into the garage to hide from Ed and he took great delight in opening the garage door from the outside remote and scaring the crap out of them. They tried to run out the side door, but they had locked it so he couldn't come in and were falling all over themselves trying to unlock it. All five of them had a great time, but it was definitely a Tylenol night for Ed. I think his light saber fighting days may be over. This is the two of us with the five of our 11 grandkids who were here on Saturday.

After dinner, we had Jeff's wonderful blueberry cobbler and apple pie and then lit fireworks.

The kids had a great time writing their names in the air with sparklers and ooohing and aaahing to all the lights and sounds. My son brought a couple of not-exactly-legal fireworks that he got a couple of years ago in Tennessee. One of which sent Jenni and I scurrying for cover in the garage. Luckily he only had two!!! The rest of the fireworks were a bit more safe. Tyson slept through the whole thing.

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July


Luz said...

Lovely photos of the fam and nice to see you and Ed enjoying the fun evening.

namaste said...

you always have the BEST family photos, sandi. and yay! for jen performing. that's so cool!