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Sunday, August 30, 2009

There's always room for more

Yesterday we had a free morning so decided to clean the garage. Not the whole garage, but the big cabinet we have along one wall. Ed built this at a former house and hauled it to this place when he moved here in 1999. It's huge and, of course, filled to the brim. So it was time to re-organize. And if there's one thing Ed and I do really well together, it's organize!

We started by attanging two 6x3 tables and card table, and completely unloading one half of the shelving unit. Then Ed vacuumed the shelves and wiped a few of them down. And we moved a few of the shelves to better acommodate our shit stuff.

Of course, we picked one of the hottest days of the year to do this and managed to place the tables so we couldn't open the garage door. Hey, I said we were good at organizing, not always so good at planning!

All this done to a constant stream of:

"What the heck is this?"

"I didn't know we even had one of these"

"Oh, for pete's sake, I've been looking for that everywhere"

"Do we really need 750 white cocktail napkins?" [the answer to this was NO]

"I agree that we should save plastic bags, but I think a hundred of them is overkill."

"Why are there towels scattered among all the shelves? I say we put them all in one place"

"Can we get rid of the broken light bulbs?"

"Sorry, I didn't know that it was the law that you must keep the Star Wars toys in the original Star Wars boxes even if they are falling apart."

"Yes, we should keep the trucks your sons had when they were little - even if none of the boys particularly want to play with them anymore. They must be kept"

"I really need lunch!"

"Okay, call me silly but three shelves full of empty boxes that we 'may' use some day is a bit much, dontcha think??"

"I say we dump the rusty cookie sheets."

We made it through the whole project without killing each other (although there were a couple of near misses), the cabinet looks great, there are actually two empty shelves for future needs, and we did manage to get rid of a lot of things which always feels good.

Then we went shopping........


It's Me said...

Ahhhhhhhh...it feels sooo good to clean and throw away junk!!!!

Nikki said...

I love how you crossed out the cuss word! Organizing the garage is so in my future and I live with a pack rat husband who comes from a long long line of pack rats of the worst kind! Funny conversation...I am glad you are still talking! :)N

namaste said...

good for you guys on organizing the garage and not killing each other. one of these days i'll actually pitch in and help ward.


Desert Diva said...

Cleaning is good, but not when it is a zillion degrees outside! I've got too much stuff too!