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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hardly worth reading

I've been trying to think up something interesting to blog about but, so far, I have bupkis. Oh, I suppose I could write about how my life sank to a new low yesterday when I had to remove a piece of swinging cat poop from the backside of one of Jenni's cats. Apparently he hasn't gotten the "wiggle your butt in the litter box until all of it comes off" message quite yet. No, it was just hanging there by a thread, swaying in the breeze as he walked. Armed with a paper towel I did the deed.

Jenni and her family returned from their vacation last night. Cheers all around!!

I could talk about the "how come I can't go out to play" feeling comes over me every time I hear about someone going to Disneyland (or World) or Europe. But that would just make me sound pathetic.

Of course, there is always a little Ed story to share. Like how we're watching our LOST DVD's (just finished Season 3) from our couch that has recliner seats. Totally an old person couch and we love it! LOST has many, shall we say, surprises in it. And each time a somewhat shocking scene comes on, Ed's feet do this little startled dance on the footrest of the recliner. It's sort of a horizontal Texas Two Step. I'm hoping that footrest makes it through the next two Seasons!

But, like I said, I have bupkis. Nada, Nothing. Zilch. Zero, Squat. Nil. Naught. Zip


namaste said...

first of all, i've alway loved the word "bupkis." it's fun to say.

welcome home jenni et al!

oh i remember the first time i saw that swinging poop from our puppy's behind. eww! ugh, the things we do for our children.

your stuff is never "hardly worth reading," silly rabbit.

ba and the boys said...

dont feel bad, i didnt go to disney either. and my hubby doesnt do the foot dance.
that would be me...

Fleur de Lisa said...

"horizontal Texas two step"- oh I LOVE it!

Desert Diva said...

I suppose life can't always be filled with excitement. However, sometimes the everyday, mundane things are just wonderful. You're enjoying life with your "sweetie" and it seems that he never fails to entertain you with his "quirks."

You're never "boring." It's always fun to see you online and just commenting about your life - even if it's the "everyday" stuff!

It's Me said...

Life's good, huh?? Same here!!!

judypatooote said...

That is one story that doesn't need a picture, for anyone with animals has surely gone through swinging poop by a thread, and no visuals are needed....LOL...and your wrong, it is worth reading...for it gave me a laugh and it brought back a memory...a lovely one indeed....LOL judy

Nikki said...

We called swinging puppy butt poop, dingleberry's, I don't know why. Just did. Just like a Seinfeld episode your blog about nothing was actually something that was pretty stinking funny, poop is always funny. :)N