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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Truly, a full-service broker

As some of you know, my husband is in real estate. He's been doing it for 35 years and has pretty much seen and heard it all. Or so he thought! Yesterday was special. I work in his office part time and my office is next to his. This is what I heard.

Hi, John, how are you doing?
Have you signed that 4-page agreement I sent?
Good! I need for you to fax it back to me with your signatures.
No, you don't have to fax back my cover page.

Here's the number. Thanks!

[About an hour later]

Hey, John. I only got one page of the document. Can you fax the other pages?
What? Oh, you're not sure if you can fax more than one page at a time? Does your fax machine have a paper feeder?
That would be a place where you can put more than one sheet of paper and it will be fed through.

Oh, you can't tell? OK, what type of fax machine do you have? No, I mean the name and model number. That should be somewhere on the front of the machine.

[So he gives Ed the information and Ed goes online to look up the model and see how it works]

OK, John. I found it. There is a feeder on the top - see that black piece that is sort of sticking up? That's the feeder. Just put the 4 pieces of paper in that tray, dial the number, push the start button and they should all go through.

[30 minutes later]

Hey, John. I only got Page 2. You put all of them in? Together or one at a time? Oh. Try it again with all of them at the same time. Ok, thanks.

[30 minutes later]

Yeah, John, still only got one page. Oh, wait, here comes another. Oh, now I have all 4 pages at the same time. Thanks, John.

[Then I heard a loud thump which was Ed banging his head on the desk]


Desert Diva said...

I'm nominating Ed for sainthood. No wonder he keeps a supply of Neosporin - it's for when he has to bang his head on the desk! ;-)

Jenni said...

I guess IT help goes under "other duties as assigned" in the broker's job description?

namaste said...

LOL! ed is so patient. great story!

sandi, i know you do this blog for your family. but you have such a great story-telling knack as a writer, you should submit some of your stuff to a publication.

ba and the boys said...

does he get an extra commission for doing this?

It's Me said...

Doh!! LOL!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I love your Ed stories!