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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun with Dick and Jane (or in this case, Jenni and Jeff)

Today my daughter and her family left for a week at Disney World. Now let me just say that when anyone is going to Disneyland or Disney World who isn't ME, I get a bit cranky. That aside, here's how the morning went.

Since I had the honor of driving them to the airport, they arrived at my house around 9am for the people and suitcase transfer. I asked the kids if they wanted to make one more visit to the bathroom but was informed that they could not go at my house. Huh? Jenni then told me that if they let them go inside they'll start messing around and delay them. To which Vika rolled her eyes in her best pre-teen manner and said, "We wouldn't take that long, really."

I asked Jenni for her keys so I could get her mail and babysit her three cats. (Oh, yes, not only do they go to Disney World without me, but I have to feed, de-litter, and clean up after the cats). Jenni noted that Jeff just needed to move their car out of the driveway first.

Finally managed to get the kids, adults, suitcases, cameras, sweatshirts, backpacks, purses, snacks, books, etc. in the car and off we went. Traffic wasn't too bad so we made it to the airport in about 40 minutes. I dropped them off, watched as they took all their stuff out of the car. Watched as they kept trying to corral the kids who were anxious to get into the airport. Hugs and kisses all around and then I drove away.

Got about 2/3 of the way home and traffic, again, wasn't too bad which was good because I really had to pee. Then the phone rang.

Jenni: Mom, we forgot to give you the keys!
Crap! Do you still have that spare in the birdhouse in the back?
Jenni to Jeff: Hey, do we still have that spare key in the birdhouse in the back? What? We don't have that birdhouse anymore? No spare key?
Jenni to me: I guess there isn't a spare key anymore.
So what's the plan?
Jenni to Jeff:
What should we do, Jeff? What? Oh, he said we could Fed Ex the keys when we get out there.
Me: Well, since you're getting there late tonight you won't be able to do that until tomorrow which means I won't get them until Thursday. Now, I won't mind not going over to take care of the critters until Thursday, but they may not like it!
Jenni: Oh. Jeff, that won't work - she won't be able to feed the cats until Thursday!
Me: Guess I'll have to turn around and come back up there and one of you will have to go back out through Security and meet me at the drop off spot.
Jenni: Maybe we can leave the keys at a will-call desk.
No way! I'm not going to pay $5 bucks to park the car for 20 minutes and schlep up to the airport. One of you can meet me at the curb.

So we agreed to that and I said I'd call them when I was almost there so they could be at the curb and ready. When I called back the phone rang and rang. Apparently my daughter had a chance to go to the bathroom!!! Lucky her! Finally Jeff grabbed her phone and said she'd call me right back. She did and told me the girl at Security would actually meet me at the curb with the keys so they wouldn't need to leave the sterile area. Cool! Jenni told her what my car looked like and what my name was.

I got to the airport, drove to the Delta drop off, scanned the crowd but didn't see a Security girl. Finally I saw a short man at the end of the line holding up some keys. Apparently he recognized Lola (that's my car). I pulled up only to discover that it actually was a girl, a very tough looking girl. Rolled down my window and she barked, "What's your name??" Scared me for a minute and I almost forgot thereby blowing the whole escapade. But at the last second I remembered and blurted out, "Sandi!!" She nodded in that cool cop way and handed me the keys.

And, again, I drove home.

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namaste said...

great story! i wish you'd taken a pic of the tough looking girl.