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Monday, September 14, 2009

I am NOT a macophile

I'm a PC person. You know like the button-down guy in the khaki pants in that commercial? My daughter used to be a PC person, but now she's a Macophile.

So, when I got my shiny new iPhone, her first question was, "Are you going to switch to a Mac?" The answer - No. I love my PC. And my khaki pants.

I also love my iPhone. After using a Treo for 6 years, this is such a difference and so dang much fun. There's an application for damn near everything - although I still haven't found the one for washing windows so if anyone has that one, please share.

But I have a couple of games, movie times, this cool thing that identifies music you are listening to (in the store, office, radio, etc.), Amazon.com, Facebook. The FB one is a little scary because as soon as you take a photo, it's posted. Gotta be a little careful with that one.....

Oh, and I can also make and receive phone calls on it! What a deal. Just have to find a cool ringtone.

So now I'm part of a new breed of person - PCUWI (PC User With iPhone)


Luz said...

I just got a Blackberry...even though I really wanted an iPhone but that'll have to wait till next year. Years ago at my old job we used Macs and it always felt awkward to me but the iPhone just looks like so much fun to have and own.

Jenni said...

Mac is the new black. You should try one. All the cool kids are doing it.