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Sunday, September 13, 2009

I guess some things don't change

My brother was in San Francisco for one day to speak at a conference so Ed and I picked him up Friday night and brought him to our house to have dinner with us and my kids. It's always fun to have the whole group together when Tony makes these short visits. We're a very loud Italian family and by the end of the evening my ears are ringing. But they are special times.

Tony was out here in early March and had a chance to meet my grandson, Tyson. I posted this photo which is one of my favorites of their first meeting.

Tony was having a good time, Tyson not so much. This time things were a little different. Well, Tyson is bigger now - that's the major difference.

You'd think, since Tony has four kids, that Tyson would be able to smell "kid" on him and feel safe! Guess it doesn't work that way. We think it may be the goatee. By the end of the evening Tyson was more accepting of Tony. Still not his number one fan, but at least the screaming stopped.

And I beat Tony's butt at Boggle so it was a good evening all around.


Jenni said...

Poor Tyson. I'm sure us all laughing at his crying did nothing to relieve his distress.

judypatooote said...

LOL....that is a priceless picture... I can almost hear Tyson screaming because Zoie had a fit when she was my house and when ever she saw someone she didn't know....oh Lordy, I hope that passes soon...

It's Me said...

poor lil tyson!!!

Christie said...

that 1st photo is so funny!