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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ghosts, Goblins, and leftover candy

Halloween is over for another year. We had a lot of kids again this year, but still have candy left over. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

Our House gnome donned his witch's hat and got ready for the evening's festivities.

Ed did his number as the Shadow Man and managed to make a few teenagers revert to 4-year olds, and then try to recover their dignity. The girls don't mind screaming and squealing, it's part of their nature. But the boys strut up the sidewalk looking all cool and then lose it when Ed says something. One especially brave young man decided to touch the Shadow Man with his bag proving that it wasn't real. When Ed reached out and grabbed the bag, the kid squealed like stepped-on cat.

This was the first Halloween for Wendy's twins. They got all dressed up, but not sure they enjoyed it much. Their treat was formula and their "trick" was some nasty diapers. Maybe next year.

Jenni's kids were here in all their glory. Eamon as yet another Star Wars character (that's three years in a row) and Vika as an Asian Princess.

The best part was this morning when Ed went into the hall bathroom and discovered a chunk of chocolate on the rug, a bunch of empty candy wrappers in the wastebasket, and a glob of chocolate on the sink. I could just picture Vika and/or Eamon going in there and shoving as much candy as they could in their mouths before Mama and Papa noticed they were missing!


Nikki said...

OK the man in black thing is soooooo awesome!! Did you guys make that or what! My husband would love doing something like that on Halloween! The twins are so cute...looks like a great time! :)N

namaste said...

i love all of the costumes, especially on the babies. but of course ed gets the prize for making the boys scream like girls with his shadow man costume!