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Sunday, November 1, 2009

One thing scratched off Ed's Bucket List

Today was quite a big day in our house. First, we got to turn the clocks back and regain the hour that was stolen back in March. It's my favorite day of the year. No matter what time I get up, it's earlier! You just can't beat that. I don't re-set my clocks until morning so I have the euphoric feeling of going back in time with every clock that I adjust.

But what made this day really special is that Ed made pancakes for breakfast. The man has NEVER made pancakes in his six decades on this earth. Amazing. Apparently he developed a craving for them yesterday afternoon. As I'm sitting at my computer this morning, he comes in the room, bag of pancake mix in hand, and asks if we have a griddle (!). Why, yes, we do. Since I was in the middle of an online relationship with Amazon.com I figured he could handle this without my help.

He went into the kitchen to begin the project. Following the directions on the package he measures the mix and the water. Comes up with a bowl of thick sludge. Calls out to me, "Hey, I'm having a problem here!" I went in and looked at the muck in the bowl and the wooden spoon standing straight up. Not sure why that happened, but I never actually measure the water or follow the directions. Just pour in enough to make them the consistency I like. So I told him to put in more water, in spite of what the package says. He put in a teaspoon of water at a time, but eventually got them right. I also showed him how to use the whisk to blend the batter. I pulled out the griddle, sprayed it with butter spray, turned on the stove, gave him the scoop I use for pancakes, and went back to my computer.

A couple of minutes later I hear, "How do I know when to flip them over?" I yelled back, "When all the little bubbles on the top burst and the bottom looks brown." He flipped them and called out, "These look funny."

So I went into the kitchen and they actually looked fine for the first batch. I explained that the first batch usually looks a bit uneven, but they'll taste fine and the rest of them will be more uniform. As I walked out of the kitchen, I jokingly said, "Don't touch the griddle, it's hot." Back to the computer.

After I finished my online order, I went back into the kitchen where Ed informed me that he had burned his finger on the griddle! But the pancakes were done and were tasty, and I think his finger will be fine (I'm sure there will be a Neosporin moment).


Desert Diva said...

Now I'm hungry for pancakes - with some fresh blueberries! :-)

Jenni said...

Well done Eddo! He sounds about as good in the kitchen as I am. Should I have Jeff send over his Pumpkin Pancake recipe (with maple pecan butter)?

Nikki said...

Haha! Poor Ed...I do the pancake batter just like you Sandi, just start adding liquid. I usually get a little creative and use different liquids like pumpkin flavored coffee creamers for a little switch up...funny you had to tell him not to touch the griddle. :)N

Mellodee said...

I have several recipes that I got from watching mom and my gram. When trying to explain them to Mike years ago, he'd get all upset when I'd get to the part where I say, "Then you add milk (or water or mayo or flour or whatever) "til it looks right"!! He still teases me about it!