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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Like taking a shower

My blog friend, ba, did a post on events of the past 10 years and I am going to shamelessly copy her idea! It's amazing how fast time goes the older you get. As my son once said, "When you're 10, a year is a 10th of your life and seems like a long time. By the time a person is your age, Mom, a year is like taking a shower!!" Yes, he's a brat.

I'm going to start this decade with 1999 because it was a special year.


  • Biggest event of this year occured on October 5th when I met Ed. At a Starbucks after initially meeting on Match.com. Had no idea while drinking that cup of coffee how my life was about to change!
  • Y2K - bought the water and batteries and first aid kit. What a bust!
  • Jenni and Jeff bought their house
  • Ed takes me on my first trip to Hawaii
  • My dad came to visit in June on his birthday and we took him to an Oakland A's game. Wished him Happy Birthday on the marquee and he loved it
  • Moved from Sunnyvale to Newark and in with Ed in July
  • Ed and I had our first Christmas with the blended family. Only two grandsons on Ed's side (from his middle son, Michael) at this time.
  • Ed's youngest son, Marc, has his first little boy, Cameron
  • Although we didn't know her yet, Vika was born in Russia
  • Jenni and Jeff get engaged
  • Ed and I get engaged
  • We discovered that the world is nothing like it was in the movie 2001!
  • The year of the weddings - Jenni and Jeff, me and Ed
  • When Jenni and Jeff get married, we gain a granddaughter - Ali
  • My dad turns 80 and we have a big party for him in Chicago
  • Although we didn't know him, Eamon was born in Russia
  • Had surprise 50th anniversary party for Ed's parents
  • Took Ed's grandsons, Damian and Ethan, on their first visit to Disneyland
  • Marc's second son, Shane, was born
  • Two of our sons - Marc and Joe - buy their first homes
  • My dad moves back to Chicago beginning our quarterly visits to see him
  • Reconnect with my best friend from the past, Babette!
  • Jenni and Jeff begin the long process of their Russian adoption
  • Ed's daughter, Wendy, met Mike who would become her husband
  • My son, Joe, begins dating Angie who will become his wife
  • Ed and I take our first trip to Italy - and a love affair was born!
  • Vika and Eamon join our family on Christmas Eve - best gift ever!
  • Took 15 family members to see Lion King in San Francisco
  • Wendy and Michael get married - we inherit another granddaughter, Cachet
  • Second trip to Italy
  • Sandi turns 60!!
  • The year of losing parents
  • Ed's mom passes away in January
  • My father passes away in October
  • Joe and Angie get married in May. Add two more grandsons to the family - McKayle and Spencer
  • Ed turns 60!!
  • My kids join us for a few days in Tucson where we all take a "walk down memory lane"
  • Ed's father passes away in January. We're both now officially orphans
  • I retired from Stanford Hospital after 20 years. Yippee!!!
  • Another trip to Italy, plus Austria and a day in London
  • After another trip to Tucson, Ed and I decide we could easily retire there
  • Trip to New York City to see it "done up" for Christmas
  • The year of babies
  • My brother, Tony, and his wife, Nicki, have their fourth child in January- a little boy named Alex
  • Joe and Angie have a little boy two weeks later - Tyson
  • Wendy and Mike have twins in August - we're now up to 13 grandkids
  • Ed and I go to Portugal where his family is from
  • ??

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namaste said...

sandi, i loved reading this time line. my list of things to do, inspired by ed and sandi, is really growing.

you have so many sad and wonderful events noted over the last decade. God bless you guys!