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Sunday, January 17, 2010

And, yes, I use nightlights

I've probably watched Twilight Zone too much, but twice this weekend I was sure Rod Serling would be making an appearance in my home.

On Friday afternoons I pick up Vika and Eamon from school and they stay with me until 5:00 or 5:30. This Friday Jenni wanted to pick them up early because she'd had a long day at school, so they left around 4:20. I was alone in the house and had just sat down at my computer when I heard knocking at the front door. I figured the kids forgot something so I opened the door and there was no one there! No cars in front of the house, no people, nada. I had distinctly heard a knock so now I was freaked out. Did I mention I was ALONE in the house! And that I'm basically I'm not a brave soul. I closed and locked the door, started back to the computer, when I heard the knock again. I could see that there still wasn't anyone at the front door. Yikes!! I was really freaked out. Then I realized the knocking was coming from the garage door. Apparently one of the little darlings had locked the door from the garage to the house, Ed decided to come home a little early in hopes of seeing Vika and Eamon, and he was knocking! Good grief.

Then yesterday morning I was talking with Jenni on the phone. We finished our conversation and I hung up. But I could still hear her talking - although it sounded like it was coming from a distance. Did she not hang up on her side? Was something wrong with my phone that it didn't end the call? I took the phone out of the cradle, hit the Off button with a bit more authority this time, and put the phone back. But I could still hear the voice! The rest of the house was quiet. Now I was wondering if it was coming from one of the other four cradles so I steathily went to each of them (you know, didn't want them to see me coming) to listen. They all seemed fine, but the voice continued. Then I got to the bedroom and there was Ed listing to a voicemail message on his phone using the Speakerphone. He had gone into the corner in the bedroom so he could hear while I was talking with Jenni in the den.

Maybe I need to switch to tv comedies. Although Ed thinks I'm pretty much of a joke all by myself!


Chris said...

Drinking helps! lol At least then you would have an excuse...;)

Mellodee said...

When you are alone in the house, your mind immediately assumes that any unfamiliar noise is Chuckie (or someone) breaking in. I used to just love it [dripping with sarcasm]when Mike would be out of town and the dog would suddenly jump up and bark feverishly at the door or a window or the fireplace for several minutes! My anxiety level would increase exponentially with each bark!

I think we've all seen too many Twilight Zones!!! lol

(Doesn't everyone use nightlights???)

Desert Diva said...

I with you on this one! I scare myself very easily...

ba and the boys said...

i think i see shadows all the time in our home!