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Sunday, January 24, 2010

My son's son turns one (hey, that rhymes!)

Yesterday we had a birthday party for my grandson, Tyson (my son's little boy). He turned ONE on Thursday! As his mom said, the year seems like a blink. The whole family rallied around to wish Tyson a Happy Birthday and he did his best to appear interested. At one that's a little difficult. Although he did take time to notice that Grandpa had shaved off his mustache!

Someone gave him a ball. And that was it. Joe had to keep pulling him back to open the rest of the stuff.

Tyson had his personal birthday cake, and the rest of us pigged out on cupcakes. Of course, I didn't realize that the red smile on the cake was a piece of red licorice. When I took a bite I caught just the end of the "smile" and the whole thing started slapping against my chin. I had no idea what was going on until Ed mentioned that it was licorice. By this time I had frosting all over my chin. Just another day in Sandiville.

One of every parent's intentions at the first birthday is to get a good shot of the honoree with frosting all over his or her face. And, like my own kids, Tyson wasn't cooperating. He was daintily putting his fingertips in the frosting and licking it off. Jenni wanted to just put a bunch of frosting on Tyson's face for the photo op, but didn't dare. So she told Joe to do it. And he did. Went over to Tyson, picked up the cake, and basically made contact with Ty's face! It was great. NOW we could get some photos!

As with all things kid, it eventually got out of hand and mom and her washcloth came to the rescue.

I'm guessing next year he'll be more interested in his presents and probably do a fine job of getting all frostinged up all by himself. I just hope this year doesn't also go by in a blink. I want to relish every moment.


Desert Diva said...

What a cutie! Tyson is just gorgeous! I'm glad that you all had fun!

ba and the boys said...

he is beautiful! i love that a ball kept him busy!

susana said...

cute cute CUTE! that first year is just an amazing miracle.

Mellodee said...

Time practically disappears before you even catch whats going on! With kids....oy, seems like they are born today, in school tomorrow, off to college the day after that, and married with their own babies just a few more days down the road. They should make that illegal!! LOL!

Tyson is adorable (with or without frosting!) and your son is no slouch in the looks dept either! wow!

Luz said...

OMG, what a cutie and those cupcakes looked amazing! Looks like a fun time was had by all and yes those years pass by with the blink of an eye.