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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Want to Join - call me at VVV-VII IX III IV

I'm thinking about starting a Facebook group called "Why the heck do people still use Roman Numerals?!?" I mean, isn't it time to give them up?

Latin is a dead language. The Romans who invented those numbers are long gone. And they basically make no sense. Oh, let's not forget what a mess they make when you're trying to line up columns of numbers! Oh, I know, the whole gladiator thing is sort of sexy and romantic. And togas. But those numbers - not so much.

I was looking at some document yesterday with Roman Numerals. Now I can do okay with the V's and the X's, although I still get a little confused about the I's before and after and whether you need to add or subtract. Then along comes an L or an M! WTF!

Please, everyone, get over it. Gotta run. I have an appointment at VII o'clock.


Mellodee said...

Since retiring I can say with all honesty, I haven't used a Roman Numeral for anything. Not a conscious choice or anything, it isn't a part of my life anymore.

Desert Diva said...

Too funny - and kids STILL have to learn about Roman Numerals at school!

ba and the boys said...

so true! i can only do roman numbersup to 6...that is because i need to figure out which star wars movie the boys want (that is how they are labled on the box. you should know that!)