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Monday, January 4, 2010

Yikes! It's back!

Christmas is over. My house is back to normal. No more frantic shopping or wrapping or cooking. A new year awaits. Tra la, la, la.

Then today I was hit up side the head with the primary reason I dread the end of Christmas season - Valentine's Day!!! That is one "holiday" I truly do not like. And I felt that way even before getting married to husband #2 (he who shall not be named) on V-Day. It's all the hearts and candy and flowers and pink balloons attacking me everywhere I go. And who really thinks pink and red go well together?? Seriously ?!? We went to dinner one year and the mashed potatoes were pink - I was mildly horrified.

It's one of those days that anyone who isn't in a relationship is made to feel like a loser. Or, worse yet, if you're in a relationship with someone you really don't like but haven't figured out how to end it gracefully - this is truly the day from hell. If you're in a good relationship, hopefully you celebrate that more regularly than once a year.

And what about all those people who pronounce it ValentiMe's Day?? Just add that to the list.

It took a few years, but I finally convinced Ed that I did NOT need a gift for Valentine's Day. We do buy each other cards and usually go out to dinner - mostly because he couldn't go total cold turkey.

It's not that I'm against love and romance. I am totally pro-love and pro-romance. But on my own terms. Not because of a Hallmark invented date.

But the good news is that on February 15th all the green St. Patrick's Day stuff will come out and life will be good again.


Mellodee said...

So for you, St. Patrick (the mythic saint from Ireland) is more real than St. Valentine (the mythic saint from I can't remember where)? Or maybe you just like green more than pink? Or maybe it has to do with a preference for green beer over little hard as a rock non-candies with such meaningful messages as "Be Mine"? :) Come to think of it, I haven't had a really good Valentine's Day since the 3rd grade when I got a little fold- up Valentine card with some weird nameless animal on it from every kid in my class! Its been all downhill from there. Hmmm, I guess I'm not particularly fond of Valentine's Day either. But then, St. Pat's Day doesn't do much for me (can't stand beer....green or otherwise!) That means I don't get another holiday till Easter!!! Darn! But that's not much fun either, ever since that damned rabbit stopped bringing me chocolate and a new dress!!!

Anybody for Memorial Day??

Desert Diva said...

I actually can't ever remember a "good" Valentine's Day. Holidays are overrated! ;-)

susana said...

Martin Luther King Day is my next bona fide holiday. Days off from work are the only kind that count. A little romance on MLK day??...sure! okay with me! =D

namaste said...

sandi, i feel kind of the same way you do about v-day. ward and i don't really celebrate it except for the card exchange. and like you, i had to convince him to not to bother. especially when he's so generous and loving all year round- just like your ed. it's a silly commercial holiday.

umm... i've never heard of valentiME. not sure about that pronunciation.