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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back in April of 2000 Ed took me to Hawaii.  We had been together for 6 months and this was a very special trip for us.  Also, it was the first REAL vacation I had taken since I was 21 (which is more years than you really need to know about!).  Up to that point, my "vacations" always consisted of visiting family or adding days on to a conference trip.  But a real vacation - one where you plan the trip just for fun and all your time is totally under your control?  Unheard of!

I had never been to Hawaii before and had no real desire to go.  I mean, big deal - beaches and palm trees.  I lived in California for pete's sake!  I could see those any day.  But Ed really wanted to take me there so I figured, what the heck, a week on the Big Island wouldn't be so bad.  The minute we stepped off the plane, I could see that this was a different and wonderful place.  The smells of flowers, the silky air, the sounds of Hawaiian music. the breezes.  The money and language are the same, yet you feel like you're in a foreign country.  We stayed in a condo unit at Kona by the Sea  on Alii drive and I was in love.
 The place we stayed on our first trip to Kona.
Both with Ed and with Hawaii!  Our condo had a view of the ocean and every morning we were awakened by the sounds of the surfers looking for that perfect wave.  When it was time to pack and head back home, we were both very sad.

Took this photo to freak out family and friends
Follow up photo this trip

We've been back to the Big Island four times and visited all the other islands.  The Big Island is definitely our favorite - so much to see and do and so many varieties of climate and topography.  Not to mention some truly special memories. Our most recent trip was a couple of weeks ago.  We hadn't been there for 5 years and forgot how much we loved it!  This time we stayed at Kona Coast Resort. During this trip we visited some of the spots from our first vacation there.

Photo by the ocean 2000 - back when I could still wear white shorts!
2011 ocean shot

 One of our Kona traditions is dinner at Huggos on Alii Drive our last night on the island. 
Dinner at Huggos 2000
Outside Huggos 2011

Notice Ed's Guido Bandito look in the 2000 photos!  Love it!  We'll go back to Kona again - it's a special place for us and a wonderful way to spend a week.


Desert Diva said...

What a wonderful "tradition" for you two. You both look so happy! Someday, I hope to go too with a "special someone!"

Babette said...

You two look so great!! Sounds like a lot of fun..

MMrussianadoption said...

Love Hawaii. Only been there twice. Maybe for our 10 year anniversary. Looks great