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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm such a slacker!

I started this blog in February of 2007 as a way to write down stories about my family for my kids and grandkids. There seemed to be so many colorful stories and I didn't want any of those memories to fade after I'm gone.

And I did pretty well for a couple of years! Stories about family history morphed into more current blogs about everyday life. And then came Facebook and suddenly it was easier to relay something with a few words and a photo or two rather than try to be creative with a blog post. Every now and then something will come up that makes me think, "That would be a good blog post." Then the lazy side of me says, "Nah!"

Today I was looking into having my blogs put into book form. There is a site via Blogger that compiles everything including photos (excluding comments) into a really nice 8 1/2 x 11 book. It would be great to have so all those stories that I worked so hard on in print so they don't get lost! But looking at some of them made me nostalgic for the days when I did post more.

There were so many people blogging back then - and blogging regularly. Now most of my "blog buddies" are on Facebook and we stay in touch that way. But I so miss reading my daughter's blog about her kids, the blogs of two of her friends who are very funny writers, Nikki, Maria, Beth Ann, Patti. A blog or two will pop out every couple of weeks or so, and I still have one friend, Linda, who blogs regularly. But the rest of them not so much.

So, I may try to get back to it. There are still stories that I would love to share with my kids and have in my "blog book" when I decide to print one. Now if I could just find the energy..........


Mellodee said...

Pooh! How much energy can it take?? You have to sit down to write! And you've been typing for years, so you know that doesn't take much energy. So what's left? Having an idea....uhuh! Not much energy expended there. So if you don't have enough energy to write your blog, it must be because you are doing too darn much the rest of the day!!! LOL! You just need to prioritize!

You and my friend Beth were my inspirations to start my blog. I enjoyed your writing, as I'm sure others did too. So get back to it, ya hear!?!

Besides you are one of the very few of my "follower" or readers who actually leave a comment from time to time. It gets awfully quiet and lonely over here. :)

(Glad to know everything is going well though.)

MMrussianadoption said...

I was in the same boat for awhile. Now that I dropped fb, I have time to blog again. Miss your posts, so hope you continue. where on blogger is the book option?