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Thursday, April 5, 2007

My First Grandparent's Day!!

Today I went to my first Grandparent's Day with Vika's Kindergarten class! Got the first in what I hope will be a long string of annual lapel buttons - some of the other grandparents had 7 - 12 buttons!! And one couple had 31 grandkids and great-grandkids! Vika's Deydushka (that's grandpa - my husband Ed) and her Aunt Angie joined us, along with Eamon.

The program started with the school band. The older kids played a song from Beauty and the Beast (which was pretty good), and then the whole group played Beethoven's Ode to Joy! That was a bit of a stretch!

Kids from the Kindergarten classes sang a song about families being like trees with roots, another one about how four hugs a day is a minimum and not a maximum, and then Vika's group sang the Star Spangled Banner! Sure, give them the hard song!

Afterwards we got to see her classroom. Vika, wearing her tiara, gave us some crackers with butter, showed us her cubby, did some crafts, and introduced us to the rest of the group.

Since my daughter subs at this school and was helping with Vika's classroom today, I got to see her in action as a teacher. Pretty impressive, I must say! She's definitely in her element when she's in front of a group of kids. It was fun to watch.
All in all a good first Grandparent's Day - I so look forward to many more. And I highly recommend this grandmother thing!


Desert Diva said...

What fun - I'm glad you had a wonderful time!

Jenni said...

Vika was very glad you could make it to her first Grandparent's day (and so was I).

Arlene said...

Grandparents are such amazing people! I have the best adopted Grandparents for my kids :-) I'm glad you guys had so much fun, and yes, Miss Jenni looks very happy in front of her students :-)